Celebrating the beauty and timelessness of iconic Mackinac Island.

Savor your Mackinac memories with books, photographs and greeting cards.

There's something magical about Mackinac Island. Somedays, it's the canopy of fragrant lilacs blooming. On others, it's the cool, clear water that takes your breath away. Nearly, every day it's the rhythmic clip-clop of horses that puts a bounce in your step.  With beautiful imagery and insightful text, our books capture this magic and transport you back to Mackinac when you are away. 

Explore the year-round splendor of Mackinac


Share your love of the flora, fauna and iconic scenes of Mackinac with greeting cards worthy of a frame.

“Four Seasons of Mackinac truly captures the essence of Mackinac throughout the year. All the icons are here, but so are the hidden gems and a fair number of whimsical surprises.”

– Steve Brisson, Director Mackinac Island Historic Parks

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