Savor your Mackinac Memories with books and photographs that celebrate the island's beauty, history and unique horse culture.

Celebrate the magic of Monarchs with this card featuring a photograph of a butterfly happily sipping nectar from a flower in Grand Hotel's Secret Garden on Mackinac Island.  Open the card to discover more monarchs sharing a feast with fellow pollinators.

There's something magical about Mackinac Island. Whether it's the long views of the lake sparkling as the sun sets; monarchs sipping nectar from flowers blooming in cottage gardens; the forest trails in the Mackinac State Park; or, the rhythmic clip-clop of horses passing by, our books and photographs capture this magic and transport you back to Mackinac when you are away. 

Explore the magic of Mackinac with stunning imagery and insightful text by local artists and authors.

View the island's year-round glory in "Four Seasons of Mackinac"

The book is a Silver Award Winner in the 2023 Independent Book Publishing Association's Benjamin Franklin Awards.

“Four Seasons of Mackinac truly captures the essence of Mackinac throughout the year. All the icons are here, but so are the hidden gems and a fair number of whimsical surprises.”

– Steve Brisson, Director Mackinac Island Historic Parks

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Share your love of Mackinac with greeting cards, photography, decorative stickers and a puzzle inspired by the island.

Blank greeting card featuring a photograph of the Mackinac Bridge by Michigan artist Jennifer Wohletz of Mackinac Memories.  Looking up at the Mackinac Bridge from the water reveals the mammoth size of the bridge's towers that anchor it to the bottom of the lake. Open the card to discover an interesting perspective of the bridge's strong foundation. Photos by Jennifer Wohletz.  The card is meant to be shared or displayed as a work of art.

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Geranium Garden Gate Photograph by Jennifer Wohletz of Mackinac Memories.  Mackinac Island garden art.


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